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  • Lachlan Illingworth

Thinking of renovating, but don't know where to start?

Whether a job is big or small in order for it to run smoothly, efficiently and hassle free you must follow a process.

If your thinking of renovating but need help with any of the steps along the way don’t hesitate to get in touch.

1. Identify the proposed work - what are you looking to have completed. New build, renovation, kitchen, bathroom, internal or external building works.

2. Designs, ideas and budgets - confirm your design with yourself or engage an architect, draftsman or designer. Know your budget and work out your actual budget once the proposed work has been drawn up.

3. Time frame - when are you looking to start the work? And how long will the work take? Will you stay in the house or move out while the work is being completed?

4. Approach a builder - approach builders or specific trades with your scope and proposed work outline.

5. Engage a builder - lock in a builder or specific trade to complete the work on fixed price or cost plus.

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