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  • Lachlan Illingworth

How long does a bathroom Reno take?

A bathroom is one of the more expensive rooms in the house to build and also one of the longest.

There are many variables on a bathroom renovation which can add to the duration of a project. With fittings, size, access, working hours and strata rules all making a jobs timeframe unique to each project.]

A general rule of thumb is 4-5 weeks with larger more complex jobs in apartment blocks being closer to the 5 week duration.

To ensure a bathroom renovation runs smoothly and as efficient as possible we ensure all materials, fittings and fixtures are on site prior to the work commencing, with a clear schedule and great communication between all trades and the client. With the aim to leave a bathroom out of action for as little time as possible.

If you’re thinking of renovating or not sure where to start get in contact and we can assist you along every step of the way.

Renovating should be fun and exciting not overwhelming and daunting.

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