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Potts Point, NSW

Job Type 

Bathroom renovation


Job Duration  

5 weeks


Work undertaken

  • Design complete with Sweijer Designs

  • Strata approval process

  • Apartment floor protection during the building process

  • Demolition of an existing bathroom

  • Rough in of bathroom

  • Fit off bathroom

  • Installation of selected fittings and fixtures

  • Regular communication with the building manager and client


Having previously worked at Kim's Potts Point apartment doing the engineered floors and working on the kitchen, we were delighted to be asked back to complete the bathroom renovation.

We engaged the help of Sweijer Design to design the layout and fittings and fixtures. Agnes was able to assist Kim to ensure we achieved the most space efficient layout as possible with the laundry also being integrated into this bathroom. It has made this apartment a lot more modern and user friendly.

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