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  • Lachlan Illingworth

Ceiling Fans

The Australian Summer - hot days and the hot and sticky nights. Aside from having the luxury of air con how can we cool down?

Ceiling fans are a simple yet hugely effective way to keep cool over the warmer months.

- They save space not being on the floor or wall

- Cost effective to run, using approx the same amount of energy as a high-wattage light bulb

- Can be styled to match you house or room

- Many ceiling fans are reversible, meaning you can circulate the warm air in winter and circulate the cool air in summmer

- When used at the same time as air con, the ceiling fan allows the air con unit to not have to work as hard

If your in the market for ceiling fans this summer give our friends at Shawbridge Electrical a call for advice on what would best suit your place. Some of our favourite ceiling fans come from Big Ass Fans, Haiku home & Beacon lighting.

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