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  • Lachlan Illingworth

Air conditioning - Ducted vs Split System

When deciding on air conditioning the most common question is - should I use ducted or split systems? We always ask the professionals.@logicoolair have great industry knowledge and results that speak for themselves. We asked Luke to share some points on both types of air conditioning:

Ducted - the unit is concealed in the roof space, can cool the whole house off one system, you can zone off the house into multiple areas and choose where you would like to be conditioned. With a variety of sleek ceiling and floor mounts they blend in nicely to your room. You do however need sufficient roof space to fit all the ducting and the indoor unit in, and they do use the same amount of energy to cool one zone as they do the whole house.

Split systems - you can supply individual units to seperate rooms, and only using power for each unit. They are not as visually pleasing as the ducted vents on the ceiling or floor.

We have recently had @logicoolair install multiple @daikinaustralia Zena split system units installed. With each unit not only heating and cooling they are also a dehumidifier and fan. With wi-fi capability and a sleek design and wood grain finish, these units are perfect to blend in with the theme and flow of the house.

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