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  • Lachlan Illingworth

Under floor heating

When we ask clients if they would like under floor heating, the answers are generally - no thanks, it’s not for us, too expensive, not necessary.

When actually there are many positives to have underfloor heating:

- Silent operating

- No maintenance or cleaning, simply turn on and enjoy

- Aesthetically pleasing nothing visible- no vents or ducts, a nice neat control panel

- Eco friendly - green house gas emissions are minimised due to efficient use of energy

- Healthier environment - reduces risk of asthma and allergy triggers thanks to a reduction in the circulation of airborne allergens, compared to using other methods of heating

- Turned on in off peak periods during the night - reduced cost

- Assists in drying up the floor tiles, therefore no excess water is just sitting on the floor for longer than necessary

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