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External Cladding - Timber, Fibro Cement, Vinyl, Weathertex

How do you know which cladding is right for your house?


- Advantages are the natural characteristic of the timber, energy efficient with high insulation properties and ecologically sustainable. Come in a variety of profiles to suit all projects.

- Disadvantages of timber cladding is that there is a lot more maintenance compared to the other materials with potential wood rot should they not be sealed regularly, as well as more of a fire risk in bush fire regions.

Fibro cement

- Advantages are no maintenance as they will not rot out in the weather. Good fire ratings, resistant to warping and being affected by weather conditions. Come in a variety of profiles and applications to suit all projects.

- Disadvantages they aren’t timber so the “timber look” is not able to be achieved. They can be more expensive depending on the profile you choose.


- Advantages are they are light weight, maintenance free and come in various colours.

- Disadvantages are they will eventually fade in the weather conditions, not fit for purpose in high risk fire zones.


- Advantages are timber characteristics being 97% timber and 3% wax. Come in a variety of profiles and textures to suit all projects. Termite resistant with all sugars and starches removed form the boards.

- Disadvantages not great in bush fire regions, require to be sealed to avoid rot from the elements.

Our favourite type of cladding is fibro cement due to the ease of installation, minimal maintenance and fire ratings.

Check out your local suppliers for all of the different products.

If you have any questions or would like help choosing which product is right for you don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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